World Diabetes Day was celebrated on November 14. It is marked every year on November 14, the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922. By the year 2045, it is predicted that India will have around 134 million people suffering from diabetes, the most in the world. As per the World Health Organisation, in 2000 India had 31,196,000 diabetic individuals. This number is likely to go up to 79,441,000 in 2030.

What is the theme of World Diabetes Day for 2020?

In 2014, it went blue for breakfast, 2015 was healthy eating, 2016 was Eyes on Diabetes, 2017 was Women and Diabetes – our right for a healthy future, 2018-2019 was The Family and Diabetes, this year 2020 it is the Nurse and Diabetes

What is type 2 Diabetes?

It is more or less a lifestyle disorder. It is large pre- preventable and treatable non–a communicable disease that is rapidly increasing worldwide. Type 1 diabetes is not preventable and has to be treated with insulin injections. Certain aspects as regards Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, body weight and avoiding smoking are important aspects of diabetes management.

What is the role of nurses in the management of Diabetes?

Their help in diabetics admitted to a hospital is absolutely invaluable. and so the news of the increase of rate in safe harbour rules. This will boost the demand for residential units amidst festive season. It is a clear added financial benefit to round off the existing offers and discounts. Additionally, the consequential relief up to 20% to buyers of these units under section 56(2)(x) of the Income Tax Act, adds a cherry on the cake of benefits. To sum up, this Diwali is surely going to light up the lives of especially those who were planning to buy their own homes. It seems Goddess Laxmi has listened to their prayers and showered blessings on them. They monitor your blood glucose regularly for all 24 hours. They are vigilant about your highs and lows of blood glucose and they adjust the dose of insulin given conventionally or by insulin infusion in a syringe pump. They are also aware of your diet used and long are common. Many of them require by-pass surgery than angioplasty. Very tight control of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol values are important.

What is the ideal blood glucose to be targeted in diabetics?

Fasting glucose between 100 to 110 mg and a post-meal of 140 to 160 mg 2 hours after meals is suggested. In the elderly, the target values are higher for the risk of hypoglycaemia. The 3-month average blood glucose that is HBA1C should be below 7% in most diabetics. The targets depend on other variables like age and overall life expectancy.

What is the ideal cholesterol value for diabetics?

If the values are high then almost every year the cholesterol values need to be checked. Total cholesterol should be below 190 mg%. The LDL Cholesterol should be below 70mg% and the triglycerides should be below 130 mg%. Excellent and safe drugs are available for these abnormalities. therapeutic Besides lifestyle changes that include dietary control, exercises and weight reduction if you are overweight, you may require medications to optimise your cholesterol values. They need to be taken life long without interruption.

What is the ideal blood pressure for diabetics?

Blood pressure and blood glucose are two different sides of the same coin. Please have your own glucometer to check your blood glucose levels and a digital blood pressure instrument at home. This will help you achieve better controls. The instruments available in medical shops are dependable and reliable. Make sure you maintain a chart to record your data. This helps you to achieve better results. In younger individuals, a blood pressure of 130/80 would be ideal. In the elderly, 140/90 should be adequate. Please check blood pressure in standing position as well. This is more important in the elderly diabetics. Treatment for blood pressure should never be stopped unless your doctor recommends.

What about abdominal girth?

In particular, a large waist circumference is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. Men with a waist circumference greater than 102 cms are five times as likely to have doctor-diagnosed diabetes compared to those without a raised weight circumference. Abdominal obesity may cause fat cells to release inflammatory chemicals that disrupt the body’s response to insulin. Ideally, a waist circumference of below 90 cms for men and women regardless of weight status is important. An inexpensive measuring tape provides the most useful and cost-effective preventive measure for diabetes today.

What are the two pandemic diseases that we are facing today?

Both type 2 diabetes and coronavirus infections are in pandemic like situations. Patients who have had a coronavirus infection are at more risk of getting diabetes due to various mechanisms. Weight gain, lack of physical activity, steroids administration are the key components. In fact, many individuals who have had prediabetic state or impaired glucose tolerance have been pushed in the zone of diabetes in this coronavirus pandemic. This needs to be recognised early and treated effectively. World Diabetes Day is a gentle reminder for you if you are a diabetic or a diabetic care provider. If you have a person with diabetes in your family, this day also reminds you about the support that diabetic individual requires from you. Please ensure that you are regular with your blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight management, exercises and diet management. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.


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Dr Jay Deshmukh is Chief Physician and Director, Sunflower Hospital, Nagpur Honorary Physician to Honorable Governor of Maharashtra and PondicherryCentral. Dr Jay Deshmukh is an M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S., F.C.P.S., M.N.A.M.S., MD From Internal Medicine – Bombay and New Delhi.

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