Vaccination against coronavirus infection is taking speed all over India. More than crore are already vaccinated. Many people are still not aware of the advantages of taking a vaccine against coronavirus infection. Many more have any questions about the vaccination program. We have collected a few questions directly from patients and their relatives and have answered them.

Should we get vaccinated from government hospitals or from private clinics? Which is better?

Vaccination from both the government sector and the private sector is the same. Both are equally safe and both are equally effective. The vaccination program is as per standard guidelines laid down by the government and they are meticulously followed by all. If our blood glucose is high and thus our diabetes is not under good control

Should we still take the vaccine?

Irrespective of the blood glucose control, the vaccine is safe. You need not wait to get your blood glucose under control. Your risk of getting a more serious form of Covid infection is high as you are diabetic. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible.

What should be the time interval between two vaccines as there are reports that the immune response is better if they are taken 95 days apart?

As per Indian guidelines, two vaccines at 28 days apart is associated with a good immune response. Hence taking the second vaccine 28 days after the first vaccine is appropriate. Should we stop blood thinners 7 days prior to MOWS-lion? There is no need to stop blood thinners like aspirin or clopidogrel or anticoagulants like heparin or the other anticoagulants prior to vaccination. Please con-
continue the same even before or after vaccination. They are not associated with any major complications. Is the vaccine safe for nursing mothers? Though there is no clarity on this issue, the vaccine is safe. It can be given to nuts-ing mothers who have a baby more than 6 months old very safely. Is the vaccine safe for people who have tested positive for HIV/AIDS? In fact, people with HIV are more susceptible to major coronavirus infection. They should take vaccination on a priority basis.

Should I take vaccination if I have had a kidney or liver transplant?

These vaccines are safe in this group of population. In fact, as these individuals are on immunosuppressive therapies, they are recommended to get themselves vaccinated on a priority basis.

Which vaccine is better, Covishield or Covaxin?

Though the experience with Covishield is more and is approved in many countries, both are extremely effective and safe. So far in India, thousands of people have received either of the two vaccines. No major cause for concern has been noted. There are no major side effects noted so far. If you have received either of the two as the first dose, the second dose has to be the same vac-cine.

Is the vaccine safe if you are on treatment for tuberculosis?

The vaccine is safe in patients undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. In fact, you should postpone vaccination only in case you have a high-grade fever.

Should I get vaccinated if I am undergoing treatment for dental ailments or arthritis or uncontrolled hypertension?

The vaccination process is safe even if you are undergoing treatment for these ailments. Should the vaccine be administered to people who have already suffered from Covid infection in the past? Certainly, they should be vaccinated 6 weeks after they had tested for Covid.

Will I get Covid infection after vaccination?

The very basis of vaccination is to have antibodies against coronavirus and prevent infection. It takes about 95 days to get an ade-quate immune response after the second dose. You are likely to get infected by others within this period and your RT-PCR may come positive. Do not panic. This if at all will be a mild ‘infection. This does not mean that the vaccine was effective The fear of taking the vaccine against coronavirus is gradually waning. The advantages are immense. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible as per government recommendations.

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Dr Jay Deshmukh is Chief Physician and Director, Sunflower Hospital, Nagpur Honorary Physician to Honorable Governor of Maharashtra and PondicherryCentral. Dr Jay Deshmukh is an M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S., F.C.P.S., M.N.A.M.S., MD From Internal Medicine – Bombay and New Delhi.

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